Undergraduate Student Government

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Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusions


When you represent the student body in USG, you gain leadership skills, become a better communicator, and improve interpersonal relationships. What future employer wouldn’t love that?

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Represent your school, your student org, yourself

If being a USG representative sounds good to you, then it’s time to step up. All registered student organizations who have undergraduate students as members are strongly encouraged to have a USG senator. Depending on your student organization, you may be voted or appointed into the Senate. As a senator, you’ll attend weekly meetings, cast important votes, and play a key role in crafting projects, events, and initiatives at IUPUI. The Senate also appoints and approves members of the executive board, committee directors, and other chair positions.

Getting started is as easy as a visit to The Spot, where you’ll find more information on becoming a senator or seeking an executive leadership position.

Get governing

Still looking for your niche? USG holds elections for president and vice president each spring.