Menstrual Product Initiative

Menstrual Product Initiative

The Menstrual Product Initiative was passed under the 2020-21 Undergraduate Student Government’s Director of Initiatives, Julia Cilleruelo Fernandez del Moral. This initiative required an abundance of research not only on the importance of providing these products, but how to do so in an inclusive manner that would be compatible with the IU administration. As a result, beginning in February 2021 free pads and tampons will be available in women’s, men’s, and all-gender restrooms across the IUPUI Campus.

If you are experiencing period poverty and need access to more free menstrual products, visit the campus food pantry Paws’ Pantry, in Campus Center 130. All students are eligible with a valid CrimsonCard. Visit for more information.


  • In 2018, the Senate passed resolution to show its commitment to increasing the availability of menstrual products at IUPUI.
  • In 2019, the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) purchased menstrual products that were distributed across campus offices.
  • In June 2020, the Menstrual Product Initiative was created by Julia Cilleruelo Fernandez del Moral, USG director of initiatives.
  • Throughout summer 2020, Julia focused on gathering information from IU Bloomington and IU Southeast on how the universities had accomplished this initiative, and what the costs were.
  • From June to October 2020, Julia began gathering input from experienced administrators and used the feedback to guide the initiative in the right direction.
  • By the end of fall 2020, the Menstrual Product Initiative already had the support from over 1,000 students, 50 organizations, the Division of Student Affairs, and more than five offices across IUPUI.
  • USG made a proposal to Campus Facilities and the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration in December.
  • Dispensers began to be installed by the end of January 2021 in women’s, men’s, and all-gender restrooms.

ET: 130 Women’s Restroom
ET: 230 Women’s Restroom
ET: 330 Women’s Restroom
ET: 035a Women’s Restroom
ET: 041 Women’s Restroom
ET: 136

IT: 131a All-Gender Restroom
IT: 131e Unisex Restroom (24-hour lab)
IT: 199u Women’s Restroom near vending
IT: 199y Women’s Restroom (CAB)
IT: 129a Unisex Restroom
IT: 129b Unisex Restroom
IT: 196 All-Gender Restroom
IT: 197 All-Gender Restroom
IT: 299v Women’s Restroom (UITS near elevator)
IT: 299w Unisex Restroom (UITS with window)
IT: 299x Unisex Restroom (UITS south)
IT: 299y Women’s Restroom (CAB)
IT: 299y Women’s Restroom
IT: 399u Men’s Restroom (UITS by elevator)
IT: 399v Women’s Restroom (UITS by elevator)
IT: 399w Unisex
IT: 399x Unisex
IT: 399y Women’s Restroom
IT: 499v Women’s Restroom (UITS near elevator)
IT: 499w All-Gender Restroom (UITS with window)
IT: 499x All-Gender Restroom
IT: 499y Women’s Restroom
IT: 505 Women’s Restroom (UITS admin)
IT: 599Y Women’s Restroom (CAB)
IT: 037 Unisex Restroom
IT: 099v Women’s Restroom (UITS near elevator)
IT: 099y Women’s Restroom (CAB)
IT 199Z

IH: 165 Women’s Restroom
IH: 102 Women’s Restroom
IH: 106 Restroom
IH: 111C Restroom
IH: 137B Women’s Restroom
IH: 202 Women’s Restroom
IH: 227J Restroom
IH: 237B Women’s Restroom
IH: 275 Women’s Restroom
IH: 395 Women’s Restroom
IH: 312 Women’s Restroom
IH: 361B Women’s Restroom
IH: 163

IO: 121 Unisex Restroom
IO: 119 Unisex Restroom
IO: 292 Women's Restroom
IO: 396 Women’s Restroom
IO: 391 Unisex Restroom
IO: 193

LD: 193 Women's Restroom
LD: 107D Children's Restroom
LD: 293 Women's Restroom
LD: 393 Women's Restroom
LD: 093 Women's Restroom
LD: 187

EL: 189 Women's Restroom
EL: 288 Women's Restroom
EL: 390 Women's Restroom
EL: 190

BS: 1985 Women's Restroom (Entry 3)
BS: 1993 Women's Restroom
BS: 2992 Women's Restroom
BS: 2997 Women's Restroom
BS: 3995 Women's Restroom
BS: 4989 Women's Restroom
BS: 4996 Women's Restroom
BS: 4991 Women's Restroom
BS: 0097 Women's Restroom (Entry 1 Basement)
BS: 1987

ES: 1980 Women's Restroom (Entry 4)
ES: 3989 Women's Restroom
ES: 0018 Unisex Restroom (ES Basement)
ES: 0090 Women's Restroom (ES Basement)
ES: 1979

HR: 130 Women's Restroom (East)
HR: 144 Women's Restroom (SE)
HR: 157 Women's Restroom (Central)
HR: 196 Women's Restroom (West)
HR: 220b Unisex Restroom (NE corner)
HR: 230 Unisex (SE-left)
HR: 232 Unisex (SE-right)
HR: 265 Women's Restroom (Central)
HR: 002 Restroom (NE-next to stairs)
HR: 010 Restroom (next to 008-CR)
HR: Eskenazi 155

IP: 125A Women's Restroom
IP: 136 Women's Restroom
IP: 225A Women's Restroom
IP: Hine Hall 129A

PE-All Floors: 052 Restroom
PE-All Floors: 198 Women's Restroom
PE: 257 Women's Restroom
PE: 102 Women's Restroom
PE: 009 Women's Restroom (Shower A)
PE: 019 Women's Restroom
PE: 028 Women's Restroom
PE: 030 UITS
PE: 034 Women's Restroom area
PE: 052a Restroom
PE: 053 PE Locker Room
PE: 053b Restroom
PE: 053d Restroom area
PE: 054 Women’s Shower
PE: 054b Women’s Restroom
PE: 054c Women’s Restroom area
PE: 054e Women’s Locker room
PE: 061a Restroom
PE: 047 Restroom area
PE: 197

UC: 192 Women's Restroom
UC: 194 Unisex Restroom
UC: 196 Unisex Restroom
UC: 2036a Women’s Restroom & Vestibule
UC: 2115 Women’s Restroom
UC: 3060 & a Women’s Restroom & Vestibule
UC: 3117 Women’s Restroom
UC: B26 Women’s Restroom & B26a Vestibule
UC: Taylor 193

HO: 195 Women’s Restroom
HO: 192 Women’s Restroom
HO: 296 Women’s Restroom
HO: 287 Women’s Restroom
HO: Tower 194

UL: 1107 Women’s Restroom
UL: 1119A Women’s Restroom
UL: 1112H Women’s Restroom
UL: 1152 Women’s Restroom
UL: 2119A Women’s Restroom
UL: 2140K Women’s Restroom
UL: 3107 Women’s Restroom
UL: 3125 Women’s Restroom
UL: 4107 Women’s Restroom
UL: 4125 Women’s Restroom
UL: 0104 Women’s Restroom
UL: University Library 181

CE: 196 Women's Restroom
CE: 213A Mini-Clinic Restroom
CE: Second Floor Women’s Restroom
CE: 396 Women’s Restroom
CE: 496 Women’s Restroom
CE: 498 Unisex
CE-Ground Floor: 055J Women’s Locker Room
CE-Ground Floor: 055L Restroom
CE-Ground Floor: 055M Restroom
CE: 096 Women’s Restroom
CE: 098 Unisex
CE: 195

CA: 197 Women’s Restroom
CA: 297 Women’s Restroom
CA: 397 Women’s Restroom
CA: 497 Women’s Restroom
CA: 598 Women’s Restroom (near CA505)
CA: 595 Women’s Restroom (near CA508)
CA: 097A Unisex Restroom
CA: 096 Women’s Restroom
CA: 194

DS: S103 Women’s Restroom
DS: S111 Women’s Restroom
DS: 103b Restroom
DS-1st Floor: E194 Unisex Restroom
DS: 228 Women’s Restroom
DS: 291 Unisex Restroom
DS-2nd Floor: E291 Unisex Restroom
DS-2nd Floor: E292 Unisex Restroom
DS-2nd Floor: E293 Unisex Restroom
DS-2nd Floor: E294 Unisex Restroom
DS-3rd Floor: E391 Unisex Restroom
DS-3rd Floor: E392 Unisex Restroom
DS-3rd Floor: E393 Unisex Restroom
DS-3rd Floor: E394 Unisex Restroom
DS-3rd Floor: E395 Unisex Restroom
DS: S303 Women’s Restroom
DS: 305 Women’s Restroom
DS: S403 Women’s Restroom
DS-4th Floor: S498 Women’s Restroom
DS: S503 Women’s Restroom
DS: B17 Women’s Restroom
DS: B24a Restroom / Storage
DS: B27 Unisex Restroom
DS Basement Floor: SB96 Women’s Restroom
DS-Basement Floor: B17 Restroom
DS: S113

LE: 192 Women’s Restroom (near 103)
LE: 196 Women’s Restroom (near 100)
LE: 197

AD: 1991 Women’s Restroom
AD: 1994 Mother’s Room
AD: 2991 Women’s Restroom
AD: 3991 Women’s Restroom
AD: 4991 Women’s Restroom
AD: 5010E Restroom
AD: 5035E Restroom
AD: 5991 Women’s Restroom
AD: 199

SL: 146