Health & Wellness Peer Educators

Lead others in health

You’re health conscious, like to plan events, are interested in teaching and outreach, and love to work with your fellow Jags. If you think it’s impossible to put all those things into one neat package, think again. As a Health and Wellness Peer Educator, you’ll do all these things while also perfecting skills that will take you far, personally and professionally.

Peer Educators create change by educating fellow students on a variety of health topics—stress management, sexual health, diet and nutrition, physical activity. The list goes on. Based on your interests, you’ll help increase awareness and knowledge of these important health topics and do it in a unique way only you can by working directly with your peers.

Leadership, interpersonal, and public speaking skills are just a taste of what you’ll develop as a Peer Educator. Use them to succeed in the classroom today and the workplace tomorrow.

Two students talk outside of the campus center.

Apply yourself

Don’t feel like you have to study the health sciences or be a future M.D. to be a Peer Educator. We can all take the next step to becoming powerful agents of change. Getting involved in the movement for campus wellness is as simple as applying and completing your training. If you’re not convinced yet, send your questions to

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