Political Engagement Programs

We believe that civic engagement, regardless of your political views, is vital to society.

A student participate in a mock election.

Mock Election

Punch a button, collect your sticker, done? There’s more to elections than meets the eye. When you participate in our mock elections, you’ll see how this part of the political process works and learn more about government. Cast a sample ballot and win prizes with our civic challenges.

Students throw balloons up in the air for a photo.

Service-Year Panel

If you’re interested in internships and other opportunities to go into service or participate in service learning, this panel will provide you with all the ideas, resources, and know-how you could ask for. We partner with the Center for Service and Learning for an in-depth look at what you need to know.

Traffic near the campus center.

Transit Education

Public transit and its impact on the Indianapolis community have been key issues on recent local ballots. Our programs focus on how we can take advantage of public transit by using it to attend monthly cultural and civic events in Indianapolis. You’ll test different options, see what best fits your lifestyle, and understand how it benefits different populations in our city.

Make the issues come alive

Understanding civil discourse, both what it is and how to practice it, is key to our political process and being responsible citizens. It’s how we create change in our world. Our Civic Engagement assistants are available to teach your student organization, class, or team about civil discourse and the importance of voting.

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