Political Engagement Programs

When the issues are big, your voice should be big too

Civic engagement is all about getting you in tune with the political and societal issues of the world around you. It’s important for everyone, especially college students, to be informed of the issues that affect your everyday lives. We have the programs and resources to help you get involved with your local government, make informed voting decisions, and create change in Indiana and beyond.

You can be a key contributor to our democracy with three simple actions: Register, learn, and advocate

Because the world around us changes on a daily basis, our programs change to keep up with the issues and topics that matter most to you.

A student participate in a mock election.

Register to vote

You can take part in democracy by learning about your voter rights and the upcoming elections. We make it easy for you to connect through our annual events like the Election HQ, Mock Election, March to the Polls, and voter registration tables. You can visit the official voting guide for our campus to learn more about how to make your vote count.

Student post with an IUPUI flag on their alternative break trip.

Learn about your world

You can learn about campus and the world by attending speakers, events, and dialogues. Understand different perspectives with the Social Justice Scholars, engage with your community by attending the Nonprofit Expo, or expand your mind through service with our Alternative Breaks program.

Student signing up to join a student organization at the Involvement Expo.

Advocate for others

You have a voice, so use it. Run for a student government officer position or join a student organization or campus committee. We rise by lifting others, and our campus offers multiple ways for you to do just that.

Make the issues come alive

Understanding civil discourse, both what it is and how to practice it, is key to our political process and being responsible citizens. It’s how we create change in our world. Our Civic Engagement Assistants are available to teach your student organization, class, or team about civil discourse and the importance of voting.

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