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Enjoy your second year all year

You have one year of college under your belt—so you have proven that you know what it takes to be successful at IUPUI. You might be ready to take your experiences to the next level, and you also might have a lot of questions about what's next. That’s where we come in with Sophomore Success Services. We help connect you to sophomore-focused opportunities, essential campus services and resources, or just your fellow second-year Jags. There’s no time like the present for you to make sure you get—and stay—on track to graduate.

Sophomore success starts here

Sophomore Success Services is the hub of all things sophomore and second-year. If you've got questions about year two, chances are we have the answers. Starting with our sophomore-only Canvas page, you'll find exclusive events, resources, and ways to connect with other sophomores who just get it. You'll also find the video portions of our Sophomore Skills Workshopsso that you can get the same information on your own time and be better prepared for our in-person workshops.

The Sophomore Key Club will unlock so many opportunities for you. You will be able to map out your path to success by focusing on your financial, academic, career, and social wellness. If you complete the full experience by the end of the year, you will receive an invitation to be inducted into the Sophomore Key Club. All you need to do is fill out the Key Club interest formand you'll be contacted regarding next steps.

If you are a transfer or adult student or a veteran or military professional, you can find additional resources and success opportunities on top of Sophomore Success Services.

Students talk with someone tabling at a job fair on campus.

Preparing for life after college

Who says sophomores can't do internships? Honestly, no one. As a second-year student, it’s the perfect time to set goals related to your major and connect to your career interests. Whether you have declared your major and career direction or you are still exploring, you can follow these steps to success.

  • It's okay to not know what you want to do yet. It's also okay if you have decided on a major and want to explore other possibilities. There are a number of self-reflection and exploration  resources available to help you build your confidence in your major and career decision.

  • Find your favorite place to study on campus. IUPUI has great places that are quiet, reservable, accessible, and beautiful to inspire your study time. Consider the library, North Hall, Hine Hall, the Campus Center, or even the laundry room in your residence hall or off-campus apartment.

  • Myth: You have to know what you want to do career-wise in order to meet with a career consultant. Fact: You can meet with career consultants in University College at any point to discuss your goals, options, or just get some information to think about for the future.

  • Your academic advisor is also a great person to connect with. They can discuss your strengths, interests, and goals, and they can help you explore degree programs that match.

  • There's no shame in getting extra help with the classes. Gain support and improve your grades by attending peer mentoring sessions at the Math Assistance Center (MAC) or the Bepko Learning Center (BLC). Other support services include the Writing Center, the Speakers Lab, and services for students taking psychology or chemistry courses.  

  • Assistance is also available to students with documented disabilities. Be kind to yourself and register with Adaptive Educational Services to determine the appropriate accommodation for you.

  • Networking begins by simply making connections with people who are working in areas or fields that you are interested in. When networking, you can ask things like what steps or degree programs someone completed, what internships they did, or why they chose to work in their specific field. 

  • Connect with your instructors—because positive relationships with them can be helpful beyond your time at IUPUI. Your faculty members have tons of information about your majors and degree programs. They can offer tips and suggestions and help you explore different options. They are also great references for future jobs or graduate school.

  • Pick something to do that complements what you are learning in your classes. You can participate in research with faculty, study abroad, attend career fairs, consider an internship, or become a peer leader on campus. All these activities support whatever major you declare and look great on your resume.

Activities and experiences outside of the classroom

College is all about getting hands-on experience in your career field, learning more about yourself, meeting new people, and preparing for what's next. What can help you get there? Activities, student clubs and organizations, internships, and more. IUPUI offers so many options that fit your interests, goals, and busy schedules. The best part? Students (like you!) who participate in these experiences are more marketable to future employers and graduate schools, have a stronger sense of pride in their experience, and have tons of fun.

Students posing for a photo during their study abroad trip.

Our top tips for making the most of college

For when you need to focus more on you, check out:

And for the stuff in between:

  • The JagLine can help you get around campus, and there is an app to track the shuttles.
  • Take advantage of deals both on and off campus with your CrimsonCard.
  • If you are having technology issues, University Information Technology Services is your go-to for support.
  • And Help me R.O.A.R. is a great place to find information on off-campus services that can help you solve problems or meet your needs.

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