Sophomore Experience

Students at a chew on his event create a craft.

Chew on This

Learn while you lunch with this series. Each month during the school year, we offer at least one workshop that gives you tools for success, whatever your goals are. Topics have included studying abroad, finances, career readiness, stress management, demonstrating your skillset to potential employers, incorporating diversity and inclusion into your life, and research opportunities. This is your chance to connect not only with peers, but also with the other groups on campus who are here to make sure you succeed today and in the future.

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A sophomore social event with the flier for the event in the foreground.

Sophomore Social

When you have a lot on your plate—studying, applying for research, working —it becomes even more important to find easy ways to relax and do it with the support of other Jags who understand what you’re going through. Sophomore Socials provide an informal environment where you can chill out with other second-year students while munching on snacks, doing something crafty, or just listening to music. Everyone talks about self-care. This is how you live it.

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Enjoy your second year, all year

You have your choice of annual success programs as well. Find us at Weeks of Welcome for all you need to start your year off right. You’ll find events just for you and plenty of opportunities to take in campus spirit, pride, and tradition.

And don’t forget the Sophomore Leadership Series, a four-week workshop in the spring where you take all the gems you’ve picked up over the first half of your college career and learn how to tell employers about them during a job interview. You’ll also work with fellow sophomores to apply your personal style of leadership in a way that benefits your community and prepare for the next stages of your college and professional life.

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