Our team takes your student organization to the next level

No one expects you to have all the answers, and that’s why we have The CUBE team. The students who make up this team can help you with everything from using The Spot’s greatest tools, to marketing your organization’s events in the Campus Center and across IUPUI, and to assisting with facilities management and administrative tasks—like scheduling meetings with advisors.

Not only does our team help you make your student org experience the best it can be, we also manage The CUBE Student Organization Center, which gives you a supportive, inclusive workspace to meet your group’s goals. There is plenty of lounge space to relax, network, or enjoy lunch and a quick study session between classes. You joined a student organization to meet others with similar interests and be where the action is. Easier to use and more fun than a Rubik’s cube, our CUBE is where you want to be.

Various students socialize in the cube.
A game of Uno occuring in the cube.
Students create a plan using a white board in the cube
Students gather in the cube.
A game of jenga played in the cube.
Two students write on a white board in the cube