Student Development Funding Committee

Dole out the funds. Dole out the fun.

Students sit in the lobby of the campus center.

When you join the Student Development Funding Committee, you gain a voice. You get to decide how money is awarded for the Student Organization Grant and the Undergraduate Education Enhancement Grant. That means you directly impact campus life as well as the professional development and personal growth of those around you.

A committee of ten—five undergraduate and five graduate or professional students—awards $170,000 annually to worthy registered student organizations and causes. 

Serve your fellow Jags, earn a scholarship, and have a say in how we use your Student Activity Fees.

Apply for the SDFC

If at first you don’t succeed, you can try again

As a trained, unbiased committee that promotes the good use of student funds, the SDFC reviews new grant proposals and hears appeals for those previously unawarded. If you are not satisfied with the SDFC’s original decision, you may ask for a second review by the committee and the assistant director for student activities. Decisions will be made within two weeks of your appeal. Contact for more information.

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For questions about Graduate and Professional Education Grant decisions, which are made by the Graduate and Professional Student Government, contact