Start a New Student Organization

Bring something unique and exciting to campus

With more than 500 registered student organizations, IUPUI has something for just about everyone. But you continue to surprise us with your unique interests. Now’s your chance to start something new. Lead the way with a new organization, make friends, and help create a diverse campus life for all IUPUI’s students.

Requirements for starting a new student organization

  • You must be a student currently enrolled at IUPUI.
  • A new student organization cannot duplicate or mimic an existing one. Visit The Spot to make sure there isn’t already an organization with the same purpose. We want you to be able to pool your resources and work cooperatively, not feel divided.
  • You’ll need at least 10 other students also interested in beekeeping . . . or Australian rules football . . . or whatever it is that gets your motor running. Two of you will also have to attend the Student Organization Registration Workshop in October or February, depending on when you start your new venture.
  • All student organizations must have a written constitution and a full-time IUPUI faculty or staff advisor.
  • To be a registered student organization (RSO) and reap all the benefits, apply by Oct. 1 to start your organization in the fall or by Feb. 1 for the spring. Applications are available at The Spot.
GPSG members talk in the campus center.
A student with a dog wears reindeer antlers.
A student obtains information about student organizations at an information table.

Membership and participation in student organizations at IUPUI must be free from discrimination based on age, color, disability, ethnicity, sex, gender, gender identity, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status.

Live on the wild side

You’ve come up with a great idea for a new student organization, but it’s a little bit dangerous, you say? No worries. Groups who plan to travel internationally, are a first-time fraternity or sorority, a first-time club sport, or plan to participate in activities with inherent risks—beekeeping or dancing or dancing with bees if that’s what you're into—may have to meet additional requirements. Contact to learn more.

Find the organization that gets your heart going