Club Sports

Feed your competitive fire and play for IUPUI

When nothing lights your fire like going head-to-head with an opponent and you’re looking for something more intense than intramurals, then club sports are where you belong.

Our club sports are run entirely by you. You pick your leadership, you set your membership requirements, you create your own schedules. When it’s time to compete, you get to plan your own events and tournaments. That means you get to pick which institutions you challenge for the title of top club team.

Club sports are eligible for all the perks of other registered student organizations, including access to The Den, funding opportunities, and professional support for promotions and more.

Make the roster

Because club teams create their own membership requirements, squads may have different expectations for their athletes. Visit The Den and search the Club Sports category to see what sports are on the slate at IUPUI. You’ll also find more information about making the roster.

If we don’t have the sport you’re looking for, you can start a new student organization today.

Students playing club rugby.