Fitness Classes

Come to our class, but leave the books behind

True or false: everything’s better together. If you answered “true,” then Campus Recreation’s fitness classes are for you. In an hour or less, you’ll get a great workout side-by-side with friends. All classes are led by trained instructors and designed to get your heart pumping regardless of your fitness level.

There’s no long-term commitment to attend a fitness class. After paying your Campus Recreation membership, simply check out the schedule at IMLeagues, grab your towel and some water, and head to the Fitness Center. Try one of our many classes or give them all a shot. It’s your workout. Get what you want out of it.


Working out with a fitness class is easy. Simply create an account at IMLeagues, select the Fitness tab, choose your class, and get moving.

How do you move?

With so many great fitness classes included in your Campus Recreation membership, it’s almost impossible to pick just one. Then again, no one said you had to.

Students in a cycling class in the fitness center.


This isn’t your average dance class. In CIZE LIVE, you’ll work up a sweat while learning fresh moves and edgy routines created by real dancers. Find the beat and get moving.

Indoor Cycling

If you’re looking for a low-impact cardio burn, you’re in luck. In one hour, indoor cycling will take you through a variety of sprints, hills, and interval training. This is the perfect class for any fitness level. Come early for a personalized bike fitting with your instructor, and don’t forget your water. This one’s going to leave you thirsting for more.


No one likes a boring workout week after week. Boredom will not be a problem with MX4. In 45 minutes, you'll combine strength and cardio training for a full-body, interval-based workout. You’ll use your own bodyweight and different equipment to keep you engaged. No two classes will be the same. How’s that for variety?

Students participate in a Turbo Kick class in the fitness center.

Turbo Kick

Fight for your fitness with this non-contact, fat-blasting workout. You’ll learn boxing moves to sculpt muscles, define abs, and get your heart pumping. Classes run one hour, including 15 minutes of strength conditioning and cooling down. This is your chance to show how IUPUI does fierce.


If relaxation is the name of the game, yoga is your class. You’ll focus on breathing, balance, strength, and flexibility in this slow-paced practice. We have something for everyone from the absolute beginner to the experienced yogi looking to bring deep relaxation to their practice. Getting centered never sounded so good.


This didn’t get to be one of the hottest workouts in the world for nothing! Join the dance party with this high-energy class. We bring the motivating music, you bring your best moves, and we all walk away feeling better than ever. Who said working out had to be work?

Inspire others

An instructor leads a workout in the fitness center.

If helping others reach their fitness goals is what gets you moving, then we want you to be a fitness instructor. Certification is required to teach yoga, Zumba, CIZE LIVE, and Turbo Kick. If you have ACE Group Fitness Certification, NASM, ASCA, or ACSM certifications, we can train you to teach indoor cycling or MX4.

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