Psychiatric Medication Management

When managing your mental health gets tough, we’re here to help

For many people dealing with depression, anxiety, and other mental health concerns, a combination of counseling and medication is often the most effective treatment. We offer psychiatric medication management services through an independent board-certified psychiatrist to help you get what you need from your treatment.

Psychiatric services are available to any IUPUI student enrolled in a planned course of study, but you must have a referral prior to scheduling your appointment. This referral can come from an outside health provider or one of CAPS’ clinical staff. 

Talk with our staff about possible medication options. We can help you decide if you would like to pursue this option, and if on- or off-campus services would best meet your needs.

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Once you’ve scheduled your appointment, you’ll have a one-hour intake meeting so our psychiatrist can fully understand your concerns. Ongoing medication management appointments often take about 20 minutes and will be scheduled for every four to six weeks. Appointments may be offered in both telehealth and in-person formats. The availability of in-person services will be based on the public health situation.

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The privacy of your health-related information, including your records at CAPS, is governed by federal and state laws. Learn additional information about privacy and your records at CAPS.