JagNation: A Culture of Care

Get carried away with kindness

You’re committed to making IUPUI a better, kinder, safer place to study, work, and live. The JagNation campaign, led by students like you, is all about creating a welcoming campus climate. It sounds like a tough task, but it’s really very simple. You don’t have to be a superhero, and you don’t have to perform miracles. All you need to do is show kindness, share respect, and pay it forward every day.

We proudly support the IUPUI Welcoming Campus Initiative and its focus on creating a campus that strengthens your sense of connectedness and belonging. Together we will build a Culture of Care.

Create your Culture of Care

JagNation is based on a commitment to three simple ideas: bystander intervention, random acts of kindness, and school spirit. The best part is that you can directly contribute to each one every day and help create a culture of care at IUPUI.

Two students in a conversation.

Bystander intervention

When you practice bystander intervention, you play a critical role in preventing incidents such as alcohol poisoning, sexual assault, hazing, discrimination, and other crimes. Bystander intervention helps to send a powerful message about respect, sexual well-being, and the culture of care on IUPUI’s campus.

You can find more tips and resources for practicing bystander intervention without putting yourself at risk by visiting the Stop Sexual Violence website.

Two students talk.

Random acts of kindness

Random acts of kindness don’t have to be grand to brighten someone’s day. Leave a motivational post-it on someone’s windshield. Smile at a stranger. Hold open a door. The JagNation Culture of Care creates a community where everyone feels included and safe by committing daily acts of kindness and demonstrating a willingness to help those around us.

You can help us celebrate kindness on campus by tweeting about a positive act. Tag @IUPUIJagNation, and we’ll share your random act of kindness with the world.

Jazzy and Jawz pose outside of the campus center.

School spirit

What better way to strengthen the JagNation than by showing everyone how proud you are to be a Jaguar? The culture of care brings us together to work toward common goals and build new relationships with friends, traditions, and IUPUI.

There are many ways you can bring this to life. Get started by joining a student organization or take it a step farther by getting involved in the traditions or school spirit committees with SAPB.

Creating a Culture of Care is an ongoing promise