Alcohol & Other Drugs

Prevent alcohol poisoning and overdose with bystander intervention

Students out on Mass Ave at an outdoor seating area.

A bystander is someone who is present for an incident but doesn’t do anything to help prevent it or stop it in its tracks. You don’t want to be just a bystander; you want to be an active one. To keep yourself and others safe, we encourage you to practice bystander intervention. This involves developing the awareness, skills, and courage to step into a situation when someone needs help. This could mean stopping a friend from drinking too much, misusing substances, or preventing sexual assault, hazing, discrimination, and other crimes.

When you step up as an active bystander, you send a powerful message about what is acceptable behavior in our community and you create a positive, welcoming environment.

The Indiana Lifeline Law provides immunity from underage drinking and public intoxication laws if you call the police in response to a crime, sexual offense, or health emergency. You can save a life without fear of punishment, so make the call!

Arm yourself with knowledge

Because drug and alcohol use impacts so many parts of your life, it’s important to have all the facts. We offer presentations on substance use, bystander intervention, the IU Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct, and more.

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