Wellness Coaching FAQ

Wellness Coaching FAQ

Is health and wellness coaching a form of counseling?

No. Coaching is a non-clinical service focused on behavior change. Coaches can support students with adherence to medical recommendation but cannot provide recommendations themselves. Coaches can work with students with mental health concerns as long as they are not addressing those as their primary form of treatment -- i.e., helping someone who is also being treated for depression work on their time management skills).

What does health and wellness coaching cost?

It’s free! This service is provided to students at no cost by Health and Wellness Promotion. 

Who are the coaches?

The health and wellness coaches are professional staff members and graduate students from Health and Wellness Promotion. The coaching is one-on-one and takes place in the 350 suite in the Campus Center.

Is there a limit to the number of sessions?

There are no session caps. We typically offer four to six meetings at one hour each, moving to monthly meetings or phone/email check-ins during the goal maintenance portion of coaching.

Does health and wellness coaching only focus on physical improvement (e.g., fitness and nutrition)?

No, health and wellness coaching can focus on any of the eight dimensions of wellness -- physical, emotional, social, spiritual, occupational, intellectual, environmental, and financial.

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