MyStudentBody Online Course

At IUPUI we care about every student’s health, safety, and success.  Your physical and emotional health are essential to your intellectual and creative pursuits. Your role as a member of the IUPUI community also comes with a commitment to the health and welfare of others.

All new incoming and transfer students at IUPUI are required to complete both the pre- and post- sections of the MyStudentBody online course.

  • Undergraduate students complete “MyStudentBody Essentials"
  • Graduate/professional students complete “Sexual Violence Annual Course"

The course is required regardless of age or experience. You must receive a passing score of 80%. Students who fail to meet deadlines for completion of the main module and the follow-up questionnaire will have their incomplete status flagged and included in a report to the Office of Student Conduct.

If you experience difficulties with MyStudentBody, click the “Site Help” link at the bottom of the page. If your issue is not resolved, or if you have campus-specific questions, please contact your MyStudentBody administrator at

How to get started

  1. Login to One.IU at
  2. Search for “mystudentbody” in the search bar to locate MyStudentBody.
  3. Launch MyStudentBody using your central authentication credentials (IU username and passphrase).
  4. Locate the course(s) in the column on the left.
    • Undergraduate students complete "Alcohol", "Drugs", and "Sexual Violence" listed under Essentials.
    • Graduate students complete the “Sexual Violence Annual Course.”
  5. If you experience technical difficulties, click the "Site Help" link at the bottom of the page.