New Graduate and Professional Student Government executive board looks to increase awareness, communication


The ballot boxes are closed and the new Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG) executive team has been decided. Led by President Kelsey Binion and Vice President Alyson Essex, the new GPSG team is set to lead throughout the 2020-21 year. Joining Binion and Essex are Treasurer Justin Williams, Secretary Taylor Webster, Director of Campus Programming Christina Eggenberger and Director of Communications Emily Atkinson.

“Our vision for next year is to create an inclusive environment that fosters and highlights graduate and professional student success as well as provide opportunities to grow their knowledge and skills for their personal and professional well-being,” said Binion.

To recognize that vision, GPSG will attempt to improve its communication, visibility and transparency to its fellow students. Through a newsletter, social media and a partnership with the Multimedia Production Center, GPSG hopes to produce higher-quality content to engage the student body. In addition, GPSG hopes improved communication will lead to better awareness of programming directed towards graduate and professional students.

The team has also keyed in on strengthening relationships with various departments and committees to ensure that students’ voices are recognized and heard. GPSG will aim to meet regularly with program departments and deans, with the hope that it will improve communication and give students a platform to be heard. Lastly, Binion and staff hope to prioritize and support IUPUI’s sustainability efforts across campus.

GPSG has created subcommittees for academic affairs, sustainability and health and wellness. Each group is charged with a specific goal and will work throughout the year to achieve the staff’s vision.

The staff is experienced with a combined 18 years of IUPUI graduate and professional experience, and four of the executive committee members are returning from the 2019-20 school year. To learn more about GPSG, or to get involved, visit The Spot.