Graduate finds success as The CUBE area manager


Following high school graduation, Ashly Holt’s life became a bit of a whirlwind. She moved from her hometown in Texas to Indiana the summer before her freshman year of college, and then enrolled at another university in West Virginia to play volleyball. After only one semester, she felt a tug to come back to Indiana and enrolled at IUPUI in spring of 2018.

As a transfer student, she dove into campus life as a member of The CUBE team and secured her major in medical humanities. In November 2019, she was promoted to area manager, where she would oversee a team of her peers and assist more than 500 student organizations through The Spot, IUPUI’s online engagement platform.

“Through all of the great things that IUPUI has offered me, the most impactful part of my time at IUPUI was my role as area manager for the CUBE team,” said Holt, who will graduate this May. “I think the experience I gained in this position really made all the other aspects of my time at IUPUI come together and make me the person I am as I leave college.”

Holt defined her skillset through her on-campus job. She has gained strong verbal and listening skills, time and project management skills, computer and data entry skills and interpersonal relationship skills.

“I have learned how to be an active and valued contributor on campus and in communities,” Holt said. “I felt personally responsible, self-aware, civically engaged, and tried to look outward to understand the needs of the society and environment.”

The promotion to area manager came quicker than expected after the previous owner of the position departed for a professional opportunity. Holt’s direct supervisor, Juliana Jalal, coordinator for student organizations, has been impressed with Holt’s work.

“Since taking on the position, Ashly has played a monumental role in redefining the capabilities of the position, overhauling internal team processes to be more effective and efficient, and the development of a work culture where staff not only look forward to coming to work, but feel supported and cared for each and every day,” said Jalal.

With COVID-19 affecting many 2020 college graduates’ job prospects, Holt is still sorting through her options for what comes next. While she transitions out of the place that gave her so much, she looks forward to using the skills she’s gained to make an impact in her next professional opportunities.