Caudill makes a difference as Paws’ Closet chair


As long as there are people in need, Cassidy Caudill’s work remains unfinished. At IUPUI, she was anything but a nine-to-five student. A recent graduate with a degree in policy studies, Caudill completed three internships and served as the lead coordinator of Paws’ Closet.

Paws’ Closet began in October 2018 as a way to help students on campus who are in need of clothing. Caudill slid into the lead coordinator role, which taught her leadership skills that will prove essential in life and work after college.

“I love working with Paws’ Closet because I am able to collaborate with students, on-campus departments and the Indianapolis community for a cause that I’m passionate about,” Caudill said. “Throughout the growth of Paws’ Closet, I have learned all of the hard work that goes into every detail of running a campus resource.”

Along with Paws’ Closet, Caudill completed internships with the Indiana political party, the Borgen Project and the American College of Education. During her internships she met Senator Joe Donnelly’s regional director to discuss global poverty issues, while also learning how to be politically engaged. She credits the internships with helping her grow.

“At any other university, I wouldn’t have been in proximity to so many internship opportunities that have helped me develop professionally,” Caudill said.

And while the internships helped her grow professionally, her work with Paws’ Closet was one of the best experiences she had during her time as a Jaguar.

“My favorite project has been Paws’ Closet,” Caudill said. “Watching it grow has been such an amazing learning experience, and I’m so glad that I have been able to be a part of the operations of an important campus resource for students.”

Caudill’s time as an undergrad has come to a close, but her time at IUPUI isn’t over -- and neither is her work with Paws’ Closet. She will take graduate courses toward her master’s in public affairs in policy analysis through the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs, while continuing her role as chair of Paws’ Closet.

It’s no surprise she will stay involved after four years of schoolwork and internships. Caudill extracted everything she could from her time as an undergraduate, and she plans to do the same in her post-grad life.