Get To Know: Heidi Adams, strategic initiatives specialist


Heidi Adams works in Housing and Residence Life (HRL) as the strategic initiatives specialist. She is responsible for hiring, on-boarding, student staff development, professional development, administrative efficiencies and more. Before starting this position, Heidi was HRL’s administrative coordinator for five years.

What do you do to unwind on the weekend?

In a perfect world, all weekends would be three days…a day to rest/recoup, a day to be productive or catch up on things that need to get done and a day to do something fun. But since most are only two days, I usually do two of those three things on any given weekend. We also find ourselves travelling out of town quite a bit because our extended families live out of state. So, we try to get up to Michigan to see family and friends every month or two.

What do you think is the ideal temperature and why?

Summer is definitely my favorite time of year because of everything that comes along with it like beaches, swimming pools, late sunsets and no school for our kids. I really have a tough time letting go of summertime, but don’t necessarily love the heat. So, I love the days when it’s a little chilly in the morning and feels a bit like fall, but by the afternoon it’s warm again to make me think summer is sticking around a little longer.

Do you have a favorite café/restaurant? 

I love to try out local coffee shops when I can, but most of the time I’m grabbing my coffee while my kids are in the car with me — a drive-thru makes my life so much easier! That usually means Starbucks ends up being my go-to. However, there is a little place not far from my house called School House 7 Café, and I really like grabbing a coffee or breakfast sandwich from there sometimes. It’s super cute and the building is an actual old schoolhouse.

Who is your favorite celebrity?

Dax Shephard is my favorite celebrity. I’m pretty obsessed with his podcast "Armchair Expert" and never miss an episode. It’s kind of embarrassing, but since I have spent countless hours listening to him talk during my commutes, I feel like I know him. I just think he’s great and I have learned so much from the interviews he has done.

What utensil do you feel best represents you?

I guess I’ll overthink it just like I do a lot of other things in my life and give you this cheesy answer: I would be one of those pasta spoons you use to scoop the pasta out of the pot so the extra water can drain out. This represents me because in my life, I try my best to hold on to the good stuff and let the rest go.