Natalie Holmes and Lainy McCoy crowned Regatta Royalty


This year, 10 semi-finalists were selected for the 2022 Regatta Royalty Court. To compete for the crown, all participants went through a rigorous application process and interview, and then participated in Regatta-related events for points. Online voting during race day also influenced who would take home the title.  

During the Closing Ceremony, it was announced that Lainy McCoy and Natalie Holmes were 2022 Regatta Royalty. As the winners, both women will receive a $500 scholarship.

Get to know your 2022 Regatta Royalty in this Q&A

How does it feel to be crowned 2022 Regatta Royalty?

Natalie: "I am honestly still shocked. You can see the surprise on my face in the crowning video. I in no way expected to win and be crowned Regatta Royalty. I feel that being crowned Regatta Royalty has increased my confidence in almost everything I do on campus. I feel that I really am making a difference and that other people are noticing my hard work."

Lainy: "I feel extremely honored and blessed to be crowned Regatta Royalty this year. Receiving this honor reaffirmed my love for IUPUI, Regatta and all the opportunities that I have had during my undergraduate career. I am very thankful and excited to serve as a leader in this role on campus and in the community."

Why did you originally apply?

Natalie: "I originally applied to be more involved with Regatta this year and to serve as a role model for those just beginning their college careers. Starting college can be very difficult and I always found it inspiring to see those who had gotten through the rough beginning and were able to get involved on campus, in addition to taking classes."

Lainy: "I originally applied for Regatta Royalty to celebrate my love for IUPUI and Regatta. I’ve attended and participated in the Regatta each year of my undergraduate career, but I always wanted to become more involved in this incredible event.

This year, I found myself having the opportunity and time to commit myself to serving on the Regatta Royalty Court, which I determined to be the perfect time to apply. I also wanted to meet other empowering, young individuals who shared the same love for the IUPUI community and Regatta as I do. I am incredibly grateful that I had a positive experience in building those relationships with the other Regatta Royalty Court members."

Tell us your favorite part of this experience.

Natalie: "My favorite part of this experience was spending time with the other students of the Regatta Royalty Court and campus leaders. Judging the Dog Costume Contest was pretty great, too."

Lainy: "My favorite part of this experience was definitely working alongside the rest of the Regatta Royalty Court and learning about their experiences with IUPUI. Each Regatta Royalty Court member had special talents and leadership skills that were so valuable to learn from. I’m thankful that we all had the opportunity to empower and support one another throughout this experience."

What were your standout memories from Regatta this year?

Natalie: "Meeting and taking a picture with IU President Pamela Whitten and Interim Chancellor Klein was an amazing, memorable experience. In addition to being crowned at the Closing Ceremony along with the beautiful Lainy McCoy, of course!"

Lainy: "Two memories standout to me from this year's Regatta:

The first one being crowned Regatta Royalty alongside Natalie Holmes. Receiving this title came as quite the shock to me, as every other individual on the Regatta Royalty Court had so many outstanding qualities of a positive role model at IUPUI and within the community. Although I was surprised, this moment will always stand out to me as one of the best memories of my undergraduate career.

The other memory is my Regatta team placing first in the Women's Division. This was extremely exciting and such a great moment to celebrate my last Regatta as an undergraduate participant."

Along with participating in Regatta Royalty, Lainy McCoy was also a rower for Zeta Team 1.  Photo by Liz Kaye, IUPUI

Would you encourage students to apply for Regatta Royalty in the future?

Natalie: "I would definitely encourage students to apply next year. The experience allowed me to get more involved with the campus community and connect with other student leaders."

Lainy: "I would encourage students to apply for Regatta Royalty next year for a wide variety of reasons. First, it’s an opportunity to serve as a role model for IUPUI and celebrate your love for the campus and Regatta. Second, you meet so many incredible people through the process, some of whom may inspire and empower you to serve as a leader in all of your endeavors.

Finally, serving on the Regatta Royalty Court is a once-in-a-lifetime exciting experience that will likely be a standout memory to you as you reflect on your college career."

Congratulations to the other 2022 Regatta Royalty Court members for their contributions to campus and involvement in this year’s Regatta: Sophia Jaegly, Genesis Barlow, Elizabeth Scott, Alexis Watson, Kayla Lemmon, Gillenne Boyd, Abigail Hair and Jordan Nus.