Get To Know: Sherri Smith, event services coordinator


As event services coordinator, Sherri Smith enjoys meeting and getting to know the clients she serves. As the point position for scheduling Campus Center spaces for different events, Smith loves seeing all the details of an event come together for a successful outcome.

Do you have any favorite TV shows you've been watching lately?

I enjoy and look forward to seeing the next episodes of "Power," "Tommy," "BMF" (these are old shows) and my new favorite, "Tulsa King." I enjoy dramatic shows that are a bit dark.

Do you like to travel or to stay closer to home?

I love to travel, but my account doesn’t always agree with my vision. I do love a good road trip. I also like to try new restaurants around town. It always blows my mind when I discover a place that has been here for years, because I was born and raised in Indianapolis.

Do you have a favorite fictional character?

Black Panther has to be my top choice! He represented with such class and swagger, while dealing with a lot of people and the sins of their fathers.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

I would want to time travel. That way I could see more of the world. I think the weakness would come with the discovery of other countries and times and not wanting to come back.

What cooking appliance best represents you?

The air fryer, because it can cook all types of foods in many ways after you select the right setting. This represents me because I have many settings, I just need to select the right setting in life to get it done sooner rather than later.