Get To Know: Tina Hill, business manager for Housing and Residence Life


Tina Hill, who has been the business manager for Housing and Residence Life since November 2022, oversees and assists in all fiscal matters that HRL is involved in. While she says that using Buy.IU can be daunting, she enjoys making an impact on the department’s fiscal efforts, especially if she can save some money along the way.

If you could be in any TV show, what would it be?

I would say Whitley Gilbert from “A Different World.” She was funny, witty and beautiful. As a child, the show was how I was introduced to college. I just knew I was going to go to Hillman when I got older. If only it were real!

What's a New Year's resolution that you want to uphold?

I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions. I’m always striving to become a better person in different areas of my life, no matter what. I do focus on a word for the year – this year’s word is stewardship.

What piece of comedy has made you laugh the most? Would you recommend it to others?

My husband always sends me funny videos, especially voiceover videos. I store them and when I’ve had a long day or need a good laugh, I just watch them all back-to-back. I am usually in tears from laughing.

Laughter is truly a form of therapy for me. It gets me through some of those rough patches. I definitely share them with my friends and anyone else that might need a good hearty laugh.

What's your favorite breakfast meal?

Give me a bacon, egg and toast sandwich! It’s been my favorite since I was younger, but it has to be homemade. My dad made them for me as a kid, so it always reminds me of him when I make that sandwich.

What mythological or fictional animal best represents your personality?

Hmmm, my first thought is a unicorn. Only because in my parenting world, there’s a lot of unicorn talk. They are unique, beautiful, light and draw others in. I’d like to think I have a piece of all those characteristics.