Free composting services available to on-campus residents


Play a part in making IUPUI a more sustainable campus. All on-campus residents can now enroll in IUPUI's first free Residential Compost Program. Composting is an easy and effective step to both reduce waste and reduce IUPUI's carbon footprint.

To make this new service possible at all residence halls, IUPUI has partnered with Earth Mama Compost and GreenCycle, which turn organic waste into nutrient-rich compost, to help the university close the loop and eliminate waste. The compost is then purchased and used for IUPUI's campus gardens.

This program initially began in fall 2020 when the Graduate and Professional Student Government (GSPG) Sustainability and Transportation Subcommittee saw an opportunity to decrease waste via housing, and then transform that organic waste into materials for agriculture.

How the program is going

"In October of this year, we collected a little over 500 lbs. of organic waste from Riverwalk Apartments, North Hall, Ball Hall and University Tower combined," said Christina Padilla, sustainability engagement coordinator for the Division of Finance and Administration.

"There are currently 50 households participating, and the program has steadily been growing since its limited launch in 2021," she said. "Composting programs are most successful when only those who are truly committed to doing it right take part."

How to get started composting

While all on-campus students are encouraged to sign up for the program, it's important that everyone who signs up understands the program guidelines so that they compost accurately. After students have reviewed the program guidelines, they can find the sign-up form online.

Once students have signed up for the composting program, they will receive a basket for storing compostable waste, liners for the basket and educational materials to help get started. Here are a few examples of compostable materials:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Bread, chips, grains
  • Coffee grounds and filters, tea leaves and tea bags
  • Rice, beans and nuts
  • Brown paper and napkins
  • Flowers and houseplants

Interested in participating? On-campus residents can visit the residential compost program webpage for more information on how to join.

IUPUI students who live off campus can access this composting pocket guide with tips on how to get started. Earth Mama Compost is also offering a 25% off-campus discount for its hauling services.