Get To Know: Kayla Bethel, intake assessment specialist


As the intake assessment specialist for Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Kayla Bethel spends her work days meeting with students who are at the beginning stages of initiating counseling services.

A big part of her role is working together with students to figure out next steps that will best meet their mental health needs.

If you could pick any fictional place to go, where would you choose?

I would choose to go to Hogwarts. I grew up with the "Harry Potter" books and movies and really relate to the Hufflepuff house.

What is your go-to TV show or movie to watch at night? 

I love reality television. In the summer, my go-to reality show is "Big Brother." My other guilty pleasure show is "WWE" because it combines two of my favorite activities — acting and athletics.

What is something that never fails to cheer you up? 

My animals. Mia, my 11-year-old corgi/beagle mix and Pearl, my four-year-old long-haired calico cymric. They cheer me up because they’re always happy to see me when I come home.