Internship opportunities

Applying for internships was something I was extremely excited to do as a student on an urban campus. IUPUI is located in the heart of Indianapolis, which offers the right set of circumstances for potential internships and opportunities to grow my professional skills.

The internships are limitless both on and off campus — I even applied to one. I am now an intern for the Division of Student Affairs and have learned so much about branding, graphics and writing — which has allowed me to gain real-world experience in the content writing field.


Another thing I noticed when researching IUPUI was the amount of diversity throughout the campus. Diversity was one of the biggest factors that went into making my decision, as I came from a college that had ways to celebrate diversity, but was not as diverse as I had hoped. 

Diversity is so important to me because I think it’s vital in human development and maturity to truly want to learn and understand other cultures, as well as befriending the individuals within it. I believe this allows for a broader perspective and a heart that is grown towards advocacy. 

IUPUI has allowed me to fully submerge myself in an environment that celebrates the diversity of its student body. One of my favorite experiences of my first semester was walking into the Campus Center during the International Festival and seeing many different individuals celebrating not only themselves, but everyone on campus.


Once I became a student at IUPUI, I realized how much knowledge I was gaining on a weekly basis. The professors I’ve been taught by have given me skills to prosper in my future career field and stand out amongst a group of colleagues.

I’ve made professional connections through my public relations professor, Denise Herd — a still practicing public relations professional — who brought guest speakers into our class. She also prides herself on being our biggest advocate in terms of progressing our education and career within the field and having access to the tools, knowledge and resources we need to be successful.

Not only did I transfer schools, but I also changed my major when I started at IUPUI. It was heart-wrenching to hear that only a certain number of classes were accepted as valid credits, but I truly think that taking more classes from IUPUI professors will ultimately help shape me as the professional I one day hope to be.

Choosing to be a Jag was one of the best decisions thus far, and I hope other students interested in transferring here see all that IUPUI has to offer — even if your timeline doesn't match with your peers.