Variety of nutrition resources available on campus


Nutrition has been and continues to be an important pillar of a student’s heath and well-being. During COVID-19, IUPUI collaborated with IU Bloomington Student Health Center to provide virtual nutrition counseling sessions for IUPUI students. Through the program, students were able to make appointments with registered dieticians from the Bloomington campus.

With limited staff capacity, the virtual nutrition counseling program is being sunset. "We are seeing more COVID-era programs come to an end, and the reality is this un-funded pilot was originally set up as temporary virtual support," said Eric Teske, director of Health and Wellness Promotion.

"The important role of nutrition has not changed, but the way students access one-on-one support will be more campus-specific moving forward."

On-campus nutrition resources for students 

Email Health and Wellness Promotion with additional questions or needs about nutrition resources on campus.