Emergency Resources

If you are in imminent danger or require immediate assistance, call 911 or contact the Indiana University Police Department at 317-274-7911.

You have an extensive list of campus and community support at your fingertips. Visit Help Me R.O.A.R. for a variety of resources including food, clothing, health, financial, and legal aid.

Crisis support

Staff help a student that may be in crisis.

If you have been a target of sexual or relationship violence, the most important thing you can do is get to a safe place. If you believe you or anyone you know is in immediate danger, call 911 as soon as possible.

More steps to consider if you have experienced sexual or relationship violence are available at Stop Sexual Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention, Intervention and Response (SAPIR). The Office of Student Welfare and Title IX and the Indiana University Police Department at IUPUI are also available for support.

Emergency class withdrawals

When you come to us with an emergency, we’ll work with you to find solutions. If you’re struggling with homelessness, we’ll help you look for temporary or permanent housing. Suffering from a health condition? We can help you find the medical care you need. No matter what the situation, though, we’ll also help you keep your academic record strong. If you need to drop or withdraw from classes because of your situation, we will guide you through that process. You can also find more information about dropping or withdrawing from classes under Get Help.