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IUPUI Division of Student Affairs staff are engaged. We believe in the work we do for our campus community – preparing students for life. We believe that collaboration and coordination across the Division foster unique student experiences and provide our very best to the university community. Together, our individual contributions are strengthened, making the Division whole by building relationships and creating opportunities to learn more about and support different areas. We expect each other to challenge, support and celebrate our contributions and take pride in the successes of all units within Student Affairs. Our work is innovative, challenging and rewarding. We hope you take advantage of the many opportunities to grow with your peers across the Division.

Division of Student Affairs staff members pose for a picture at the campus housing move in meeting.
Division of Student Affairs staff members take a photo with the chancellor at a Weeks of Welcome event.
Division of Student Affairs staff members taking a selfie.


Students First

We focus on providing programs, services and experiences designed to facilitate holistic student learning and engagement by maintaining high expectations of students and supporting them to reach their full potential.

Unconditional Worth

We value the unique identity and contributions of the entire IUPUI community, advocating for equal participation, respect and dignity.


We build an inclusive and welcoming community that embraces and celebrates differences, engages in the ongoing development of cultural competencies and promotes civility.


We create and sustain dynamic, mutually beneficial partnerships with campus and community constituents in order to optimize student success and learning.


We conduct ourselves in accordance with the highest professional standards while representing our programs, services and our university.


We implement evidence-based practices that provide quality co-curricular programs and services for the university community.


We create and sustain a community that supports multi-dimensional health and wellness.


(Aligns with IUPUI campus goal 1: Promote Undergraduate Student Learning and Success; goal 2: Increase Capacity for Graduate Education; goal 5: Leverage our Strengths in Health and Life Sciences; and goal 9: Promote an Inclusive Campus Climate)

Strategy 1.1: Develop a plan to promote and sustain physical, mental and emotional health and wellness to enhance student success.

Strategy 1.2: Increase the effectiveness and the efficiency of the services we provide.

Strategy 1.3: Work more collaboratively with other units in the Division and increase departmental, cross-unit and divisional knowledge to serve our students better.

Strategy 1.4: Support new campus-wide and divisional initiatives.

Strategy 1.5: Seek opportunities to expand space for student health.

Strategy 2.1: Develop a campus-wide marketing campaign for the Division.

Strategy 2.2: Seek out innovative technology.

Strategy 2.3: Develop a better understanding of how students communicate.

Strategy 2.4: Identify ways to communicate with students effectively.

Strategy 2.5: Develop metrics to measure the effectiveness of the communication tools used in the Division.

(Aligns with IUPUI campus goal 1: Promote Undergraduate Student Learning and Success; and goal 2: Increase Capacity for Graduate Education)

Strategy 3.1: Ensure the continuous improvement and growth of our services and programs.

Strategy 3.2 Provide amenities that are attractive to our students to be able to compete with other institutions.

Strategy 3.3: Pursue off-campus housing opportunities – work with HRL to help students learn how to effectively transition from living on campus to off campus.

Strategy 3.4: Improve each unit's operations.

Strategy 3.5: Enhance the Sophomore Experience Programs.

Strategy 3.6: Refine the assessment of student learning.

Strategy 3.7: Meet the basic needs of IUPUI students.

(Aligns with IUPUI campus goal 1: Promote Undergraduate Student Learning and Success; goal 2: Increase Capacity for Graduate Education; and goal 7: Deepen our Commitment to Community Engagement)

Strategy 4.1: Develop strategic and intentional partnerships with on-campus constituents and IU Bloomington.

Strategy 4.2: Develop strategic and intentional relationships with our external partners.

Strategy 4.3: Identify shared responsibilities/goals with other campus partners.

Strategy 4.4: Think about the long-term impact of our Division.

Strategy 4.5: Develop a comprehensive approach to acquire grants.

(Aligns with IUPUI campus goal 9: Promote an Inclusive Campus Climate; and goal 10: Develop Faculty and Staff)

Strategy 5.1: Attract and retain a talented workforce by providing opportunities for training and professional development.

Strategy 5.2: Develop a comprehensive model for division-wide fiscal effectiveness and efficiency.

Strategy 5.3: Incorporate fiscal responsibility metrics in assessment and evaluation plans.

Strategy 5.4: Conduct more research to understand regional and national trends related to student affairs’ best practices better.