Campus Recreation

Description of the video:

00:00 [Music]
00:06 It's time to get fit and the best way to
00:07 do it is with a membership at the Jag.
00:10 [Music]
00:13 A membership with jaguar campus
00:15 recreation gives you full access to the
00:17 fitness facility in the campus center
00:22 group fitness classes all intramural
00:25 sports leagues
00:28 NIFS and open gyms and swims in the
00:30 recreation spaces across campus.
00:33 There are two ways to sign up for one in
00:35 person or online.
00:37 Either make your way to the campus
00:39 center 156
00:40 which is next to the bookstore or
00:42 accessible on the lower level
00:44 and complete the membership process in
00:46 person,
00:49 or visit
00:52 You will need to log in and then visit
00:54 the membership page.
00:56 Once there add a bursar or crimson card
00:59 membership to the cart and check out.
01:01 [Music]
01:02 The cart will show zero dollars as this
01:05 is an authorization charge
01:06 to either your bursar or crimson card
01:08 for the membership fee.
01:14 You can make the most of your time at
01:15 IUPUI with the membership at the Jag
01:27 [Music]

Faculty and staff can also purchase a membership for $22.91 per month. Faculty/staff memberships do not include access to NIFS. You can sign up and/or cancel your membership at any time.

We do not offer guest passes or guest memberships at this time. Questions about memberships? Email

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