Affording your mental health care

Maintaining your mental health is important to your success at IUPUI and beyond. That’s why we strive to offer a wide range of services at affordable costs for any student enrolled at IUPUI. When you come to us for counseling, full payment is expected at the time of treatment. Cash, check, credit card, CrimsonCard, and payment through your bursar account are accepted. CAPS does not bill insurance.

If the cost of treatment is more than you can afford, you can apply for a fee reduction for most services. Psychiatry services are not eligible for fee reductions.

CAPS service fees

An initial assessment fee is charged for CAPS services. Fees for our services are listed below.

  • Initial consultation: Free
  • Service fee: $15 charged at time of individual intake or group screening
  • Group counseling: Free
  • Individual counseling—first 6 sessions: Free
  • Individual counseling beyond 6 sessions: $10 per session
  • Medication management—psychiatry intake: $55
  • Medication management—medication follow-up: $40
  • Learning and developmental disorder assessment—initial evaluation: $30
  • Learning and developmental disorder assessment—follow-up testing: $300–600 (minus the initial evaluation fee)