CAPS Payment Policy

Policies related to specific fees

Initial consultation and referral

Initial consultation sessions are provided at no charge.

Service fee

If your recommendation includes individual or group therapy at CAPS, and you choose to initiate either one of those services, a $15 service fee will be assessed. This fee is not subject to sliding-scale reductions.

Clients returning from a break in services of more than four (4) months will also be charged the service fee of $15 in order to re-establish services.

Group counseling

Beyond the service fee, there is no charge for group counseling sessions. Group sessions will be 60–90 minutes in length depending on the nature of the group.

Individual counseling sessions

Beyond the service fee, a student’s first six (6) individual counseling sessions with CAPS are free. Additional individual sessions beyond the first six (6) are $10 per session. These fees are eligible for a fee reduction.

In cases where the charge for individual counseling is prohibitive, an application for fee reduction may be completed. This application must include verification of income, and the session fee will be determined from a schedule based on the Taxable Income and Number of Dependents reported on the Federal Income Tax Form 1040, FAFSA, or recent pay stub. Documentation for fee adjustments will be submitted to the director for determination.

Psychiatric medication management

Psychiatric services are provided at CAPS from a board-certified psychiatrist. Fees for psychiatric services include $55 for an initial intake session and $40 for medication management (follow-up) appointments. These fees are greatly discounted compared to community-based providers due to allotments from the General Services Fee. Fees for psychiatric services are not subject to fee reductions, and payment is due at the time of services.

Due to the high demand and limited availability of psychiatric services at CAPS, students will be charged for missed appointments. Full fees will be charged for missed appointments not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. Fees not paid within 30 days will be billed to the student’s university bursar account. Multiple missed appointments may result in termination of services. Fees for missed appointments may be appealed in writing with appeals submitted to the director for review and approval or denial.