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It’s more fun to spend someone else’s money

Few things in life come free. That’s why we offer funding through the Student Organization, Undergraduate Education Enhancement, and Graduate and Professional Education grants. With your great ideas and our support, we can make sure everyone gets the college experience, personal and professional development, and success they deserve.

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Most funds are awarded by the Student Development Funding Committee, a group of four undergraduate and two graduate students, on a rolling basis throughout the year. If you’ve ever wanted to have a say in how Undergraduate Education Enhancement Grant and Student Organization Grant money is awarded, this is the committee for you.

$100,000Yearly funds awarded to RSOs through the Student Organization Grant

$70,000Funds available annually to undergrads from the Undergraduate Education Enhancement Grant

$60,000Total awarded each year through the Graduate and Professional Education Grant

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Student Organization Grant (SOG)

The SDFC awards $100,000 each year to support events and programs sponsored by registered student organizations. To earn these funds, your RSO should work to improve your peers’ intellectual development, critical thinking, and cultural competence. In other words, you’re making student life better and improving what students get out of being involved on campus. How do you get your hands on this money? Head to your organization’s Events tab in The Spot and select the SOG option when creating an event. Good luck!

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Undergraduate Education Enhancement Grant (UEEG)

Whether you’re a member of a student organization or flying solo, you’re eligible for the UEEG, which awards $70,000 per year. Funds can be used for your professional and academic development as well as leadership training. It just has to be related to your major or your RSO’s mission. Only undergraduates are eligible for the UEEG. When you’re ready to start spending, visit The Spot and select your organization’s Events tab. When you create your event, choose the UEEG funds option to start the process.

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Graduate and Professional Education Grants (GPEG)

It can get expensive traveling to conferences and conducting research. That’s why Graduate and Professional Student Government provides up to $500 per student per year through the GPEG. Funds can be used to attend or present at local, national, and international conferences as well as for research and training. Contact with questions or to apply.

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