Sexual Health Education

Know your status

A key part of maintaining your sexual health is protecting yourself and others from sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Nearly 10 million new STIs are diagnosed annually among people aged 15–24. Don’t add to that statistic.

At the monthly Know Your Status events, there is no appointment needed to get tested. The process takes about 15 minutes, and you receive confidential results. While you wait, you can learn more about sexual health and wellness from Peer Health Educators. Connect with us on social media and the JagWELL newsletter for more information about future events.

Campus Health offers free HIV and pregnancy testing and wellness screenings year-round—all services you would receive at our event. Meanwhile, you can check out our Student Wellness Directory for more information and resources. 
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Sex positivity is the idea that all sex, as long as it is healthy and explicitly consensual, is a positive thing. That means taking care of yourself physically with resources like our free monthly STI/HIV testing, as well as maintaining your mental and emotional wellness.

Free HIV testing kits

The Marion County Public Health Department is offering free, at-home HIV testing kits by mail. Complete the oral swab kit with the help of a tester over video chat and receive a $25 gift card.

Call 317-221-4628 to request your kit today.

Safer Sex Supplies

The Safer Sex Supplies program provides sexual health and sexuality resources and distributes sexual health supplies on campus.

To place an order for supplies, you can request an interactive sexual health training and presentation, which provides educational instruction for using different types of condoms, barrier methods, and contraception and shares safer sex strategies and STI testing information. You can also complete the sexual health training by watching a webinar version and completing a knowledge check after.

You can pick up pre-made to-go bags, which contain 15 external condoms and five lubricant packets, in Campus Center room 350. You can also submit special orders if specific items like internal condoms, dental dams, or larger condoms are desired, and these orders can be picked up in Campus Center room 350 or mailed to you.

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