Sexual Health Education

You won’t find preaching or judgment from us. Just the facts and the strength to make your own choices.

Our goal is to encourage you to make decisions about sex that are consistent with your personal values -- whether that means practicing abstinence or being sexually active. Whatever your decision, we want you to know the facts that can help you protect yourself and others.

With support from Health and Wellness Promotion and others on campus, you’ll learn how to combat peer pressure, build healthy relationships, and prevent unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

Sex positivity is the idea that all sex, as long as it is healthy and explicitly consensual, is a positive thing. That means taking care of yourself physically with resources like our free monthly STI/HIV testing, as well as maintaining your mental and emotional wellness.

Know your status

A key part of maintaining your sexual health is protecting yourself and others from sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Nearly 10 million new STIs diagnosed annually are among people aged 15–24. Don’t add to that statistic.

Connect with us on social media and the JagWELL newsletter for more information about future events. Campus Health offers free HIV and pregnancy testing and wellness screenings year-round—all services you would receive at our event.

Traditionally, we collaborate with the Bell Flower Clinic, Campus Health, and Marion County Health Department, amongst others, while offering attendees the opportunity to talk to our Peer Health Educators about sexual wellness topics. Meanwhile, you can check out our Student Wellness Directory for more information and resources.

Get trained as a Condom Club member

A peer health educator giving a presentation on condom use.

Condom Club provides resources for sexual health and sexuality to IUPUI students. The initiative also distributes sexual health supplies on campus.

You have the opportunity to complete the brief, interactive Condom Club training and become an exclusive member. The Peer Health Educators host multiple trainings throughout the semester. After giving verbal consent to participate, Peer Educators will provide educational instruction for using different types of condoms, barrier methods, and contraception and share safer sex strategies and STI testing information.

Recurring Condom Club membership training sessions will be held, but you will need to register prior to the training. Members can pick up pre-made to-go bags or submit an order ahead of time if specific items are needed. You can pick up these items in suite 350 in the Campus Center during the scheduled times marked on your order. Register for training or submit a special order at

You can also complete the Condom Club training by watching a webinar version and completing a knowledge check after. This is a great asynchronous option for those who cannot make the trainings.

Let’s talk about sex

Health and Wellness Promotion offers sexual education presentations that are ideal for classes and student organizations. These workshops can be tailored to fit your needs and time requirements. You’ll come away from our presentations with the knowledge and skills to help you be healthy for a lifetime.

Request a presentation