Get Involved

Getting involved is about more than fun and games

It’s about preparing for life.

While your academic journey is important, to get the most out of college—and graduate as career ready as possible—you need to use your time outside of the classroom to pick up the skills you can’t learn from a book.

Teamwork. Cooperation. Leadership. Even how to make small talk. All skills you can learn by getting involved on campus—and all essential to have in order to lead a successful life.

And you know what’s best of all? You’ll learn them while you’re having fun and making friendships and memories that will last long after you leave IUPUI.

500+student organizations

80+events sponsored by the Student Activities Programming Board

25fraternities and sororities

Student government

More concerned with the issues college students face? Join our student government and make your voice heard.

The student senate meets every Friday afternoon—and elections are held every year.

Learn more about student government

Give back to your community

Community service is an important part of the IUPUI education.

You can give back to your community by joining in an alternative break trip, volunteering at Paws' Pantry, joining a service-oriented student group, or by participating in one of the many special events that fill IUPUI’s social calendar.

Opportunities are everywhere you look—and the skills you learn from taking part will benefit you for many years to come.

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