Self-Screening Tools

Balance your health, thrive in life

If you don’t take care of your health, who will? With our anonymous, online self-screening tools, you’ll take the first steps to improving your wellness. It’s time to celebrate your strengths and build a healthier, happier life.

Personal Wellness Inventory

Wellness extends beyond just physical and mental health. It’s easy to forget that, especially when you get caught up in your busy schedule. It's also easy to lose sight of how closely all eight dimensions work together to impact your overall wellness. This assessment will help you identify your strongest dimensions and which you may need to spend some extra time developing to achieve overall well-being.

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Once you’ve received your results, Health and Wellness Promotion staff can work with you to find ways to put what you've learned into action. Learn more about health and wellness coaching or contact us for tips on how you can improve your balance.

Being #jagWELL means caring for yourself and others across all eight dimensions of wellness. Get the most out of your college experience. Learn to live the life you want today.

Party Animal Quiz

What kind of party animal are you? This short anonymous questionnaire provides personalized feedback about your drinking profile. Based on your responses, you'll discover your party animal style out of six possible matches.

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Find more self-screening tools

Additional self-screening tools are available to assess risk of suicide and self-harm, depression, anxiety, trauma and abuse, and alcohol and other drugs. These tools are educational -- not diagnostic -- and provide an opportunity to quickly determine if you or someone you know may need to reach out to a doctor or mental health care professional. Like the Personal Wellness Inventory, these online self-screening tools are anonymous.