Self-help & Screening

Taking care of you

Being a college student is full of challenges, and you might find yourself in stressful situations at different points of the year. We can help you with managing day-to-day stressors or fine-tune some current de-stressing strategies you already implement in your life. These resources and tips are just for you.

  • Our emotional wellness guide provides a wide range of strategies and resources to support your health and well-being. Resources for soothing sounds, breathing exercises, affirmations exercises, and more are included.
  • This virtual care package has some tips for adjusting to “the new normal” and managing change. It’s your one-stop shop for all the resources you might need as we transition back on campus this year.
  • Have you tried mindfulness or would like to? Need a little extra support and practice? Join a CAPS facilitator and other students each week that the classes are in session via Zoom, Fridays at 11 a.m.
  • Consider our Relationship Workshop to improve communication and connection with your partner(s). Registration is required for this workshop, and at least one individual in the relationship must be an IUPUI student.

Know yourself, know your health

The more you know about your health today, the better you can maintain your health throughout your lifetime. One way to know more is to do a self-evaluation to see where you may need extra support. With these anonymous, online self-screening tools, you can quickly determine if you or someone you know may need to reach out to a doctor or mental health professional. Our self-assessments address concerns such as suicide and self-harm, depression, anxiety, trauma and abuse, and alcohol and other drugs.

Start your self-screening

These tools are educational—not diagnostic. If you feel like you need support after using one of these self-screening tools, contact CAPS. Our licensed counselors and other professional staff in the IUPUI Division of Student Affairs are here to help you reclaim your wellness.

Want to learn more about mental health? Check out ULifeline for information about various mental health challenges, resources for mental wellness, ways to help others, and an anonymous self-evaluator tool. Find answers to questions about alcohol and other drugs, emotional health, fitness and nutrition, relationships, sexual and reproductive health, and more at Go Ask Alice!, an online Q&A resource provided by Columbia University.

The Division of Student Affairs conducts several educational outreach events and engaging health-related presentations throughout the school year. Request a presentation or contact us to find out how we can work with your organization or class.