Recommending CAPS

A helping hand

Have you wondered how or when to refer a student to CAPS?

Follow these tips:

  • Speak directly in a straightforward fashion.

  •  Do not attempt to coerce or trick the student into seeking counseling.

  •  Make it clear that the recommendation represents your best judgment based on observations of the student's behaviors.

  •  Be specific regarding the behaviors that raise concerns.

  •  Leave the option open for the student to accept or refuse counseling EXCEPT in emergencies (e.g., suicidal or homicidal intent).

  •  If comfortable, ask the student's permission to contact CAPS while they are present. CAPS staff will ask to talk to the student directly.

  • Follow up with the student at a later date to indicate a continued interest even if they did not accept the attempted referral.

Remember to work within your comfort level and capacity to help. You can contact CAPS at 317-274-2548 for consultation services or the Behavioral Consultation Team for additional support.

Note: Students requiring immediate assistance will be connected with the on-call counselor at the time of the first call. Emergency sessions are intended for those students experiencing suicidal thoughts, having difficulty completing typical daily tasks, or facing an acute stressor that threatens the life of self or others.

What to expect

Your student can expect the following when making their first contact with CAPS:

    They will be asked to complete a brief series of online forms and then schedule a consultation session (typically within a week).

    The consultation session will focus on assessment of the student’s concerns and current situations, followed by a recommendation for the most appropriate treatment, which can include group or individual therapy at CAPS or at an outside clinic.

   All services, including emergency sessions, are being provided through telehealth due to the current public health crisis.

If the student would prefer to look at off-campus services, please refer them to CAPS for Case Management assistance or to the IUPUI Thriving Campus Provider List. (Please note that these are not referrals or endorsements but places you can start.)