Cultural Arts Gallery

Showcase your own work at the CAG

A recent display in the cultural arts gallery.

If you're a current IUPUI student or a member of the surrounding community, you can exhibit your work in the CAG. The gallery displays any medium including paintings, photographs, drawings, sculptures and other 3-D pieces, video, and anything else you can put on a piece of paper or canvas.

To get things started, you'll need to:

Behold the beauty

Poster of the Friends of Dorothy exhibit.

Friends of Dorothy

Friends of Dorothy: A show that combines work from portrait photographer Tom Casalini and IUPUI students in a reflection of queer experiences.

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Poster of the Assemblage of Gifts: The Legacies of Black Artists in America exhibit.

Assemblage of Gifts: The Legacies of Black Artists in America

Black Artists in America: An art historical exhibition featuring contemporary works from local artists.

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Poster of the Title IX exhibit.

Celebrating 50 Years of Title IX

Title IX: An informational exhibition about the history of Title IX and its impact on IUPUI.

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Photos from the What's our narrative gallery exhibit.

What's Our Narrative?

What's Our Narrative (WON): A collective artist exhibition that features poetry, narratives, body casting, and photography (#VisualActivism) as an effort to deconstruct the Eurocentric standards of beauty. 

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Poster from the exhibit Ray Bradbury’s Window Into Joseph Mugnaini.

Infinite Voyages: Ray Bradbury and the Space Age

Ray Bradbury, one of the best-known writers of our time, gave his dreams of the space age to generations of American readers.

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The Flava Fresh XX exhibit poster.


This award-winning, multi-venue, Indiana-based, visual artist development platform and events project is part of a mission to bring about greater awareness,  appreciation, inspiration, exposure, growth, and support for artists.


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See you at Punctuation Spire

The Campus Center features art everywhere. You’ll find photography, statues, and paintings throughout the building. One of our most iconic pieces is Punctuation Spire in the Atrium. Created in 1981 by William Crutchfield, a Herron School of Art + Design alum and Fulbright Scholar, it stands in the Atrium today as a popular meeting place for students and visitors.